Dice Base: Master - Magnetic Game Screen - RPG and Tabletop

Created by Hal Zucati

A more complete alternative to the Wyrmwood Magnetic GM Screen. More options. More features. Integrated storage and transport included.

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Two more.. out the door....
11 months ago – Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 05:03:36 PM

These two requested to remain Anonymous.









 Thanks everyone.

More now after ECCC which is only 1.5 weeks away!

  - Hal

Heather McDonald
11 months ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:12:56 PM

Your screen is ready.

Packed up and ready to go
Packed up and ready to go


Portal Panel and Mirror Pool. A very sturdy set.
Portal Panel and Mirror Pool. A very sturdy set.


Cliffs and Map and Character.
Cliffs and Map and Character.


Pull it all together
Pull it all together


Move things around, it can take it, and its made to be moved.
Move things around, it can take it, and its made to be moved.



Fully upgraded portal metal, plastic with mylar washers for silky smooth movement that's 100
Fully upgraded portal metal, plastic with mylar washers for silky smooth movement that's 100


percent adjustable, cleanable, and repairable.
percent adjustable, cleanable, and repairable.


Want to share your whiteboard with the players?  Go ahead.
Want to share your whiteboard with the players? Go ahead.


More coming in the next few days and then none till after March 1-5th

Jeff, I believe I'm on yours next.

 - Hal

Three sets of screens shipping out this week.
12 months ago – Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 12:00:38 AM

One is boxed up going out in the mail tomorrow and two are drying and will be boxed up tomorrow and sent out later in the day.

Who's the lucky backers?

I'll leave it to them to reply back to the campaign what they got and what they think.

More screens coming.

Just FYI here's what we're seeing for time it takes to complete one set of these GM screens.

Wood prep - 2 hours for 4 panels
Machine time - 4 hours for 4 panels
Sanding time - 1 hour for 4 panels
Hand-Sanding - 30 minutes for 4 panels
Magnet Install - 2-3 hours for 4 panels
Finish work  - 2-3 hours 
Engraving - 30 minutes/panel
Packaging and shipping 1 hour per set.

That's a total of: 12-15 hours or so each set. When nothing goes wrong. 
These are by far the most labor intensive item we make right now and due to the size of the panels we've had to literally invent new processes to prevent damage and keep the wood ready for next step. We're getting pretty good, but all this time we've been working on this process and pieces. 

And that's for a standard set in easy to work with Pine.

Thanks again for your patience.

 - Hal

about 1 year ago – Sat, Jan 06, 2018 at 07:59:45 PM

New year with new goals and rewards for us all. So, here's what's up.  

1. OrcaCon is happening January 12-14 here in Seattle (Bellevue actually) We're going and we're using it as a test of our new booth setup for the main event (Comic Con 2018 in March)  

2. ComicCon is happening in March: We're going and we're going to present the best of what we've become so far. Check us out here: https://www.emeraldcitycomiccon.com/en/Exhibitors/3952235/Zucati

3. We owe lots of backer rewards which we want to get done before ECCC. That leaves about 6+ weeks to get a mountain of work done and finish prep and stock for the show. Here's the plan as of today:  

1. Finish and ship GM screens. We've got 90% about 60% done. Due to the nature of how these have to be made we've had to slow the process down to make sure they have time to properly air-dry and cure before we proceed into each next step. We had some serious failures before we found the right method, so these are going to take the time they do. But we've go literally stacks and stacks of milled and drilled panels ready for magnets and finishing. Heather, your portal is not started yet... .if the panels are hard, the portal is hard x10. We're getting the wood for it ready to plane this week and we should start on it next. When we ship your panel or need art for engraving, we'll be in touch, in the mean time, hang in there... your GM screens are not forgotten or lost, merely aging naturally as they must for now.  

2. We're running as man Player Cores and Flumes as we can in the next few weeks to take to both conventions. We won't be selling Half or Quarter Cores, nor the same version of the Flume Fusion that were in either of those campaigns. We did work out an exclusive with ECCC so there will be a Flume Fusion version available at the show, but it won't be what anyone pledged for. 3. FLUME 2's - Half and Quarter Cores - and FLUME Fusions will all be in-process during and after the GM screens are finishing and complete.


  •  GM Screens before March 
  •  Half and Quarter Cores March - April 
  • FLUME2 - April-May (You folks with the prototype cases... these are going take longer... Juneish...) 

All other stuff like the two metal dice campaigns are on schedule for February/March delivery. That's what we know today. Thanks everyone for your support and patience.

 - Hal

Next two bases ship end of this week or early next...
about 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 12:58:04 AM

Depends on how fast we can make the portal.

Thanks everyone... we're on it and moving forward.

 - Hal