Dice Base: Master - Magnetic Game Screen - RPG and Tabletop

Created by Hal Zucati

A more complete alternative to the Wyrmwood Magnetic GM Screen. More options. More features. Integrated storage and transport included.

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Where has Hal been?
8 months ago – Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 06:54:06 AM

What has Hal been doing all this time?

Slowly dying over the last year and more....I'm serious.I've spent the last year, most of 2018 and some of 2017 fighting a problem I didn't know I had for some time now and it almost ended me.I've been fighting sleep apnea and it's related side-effects, namely sever edema to the point that I was unable to walk across the room or take a full breath.During this period both my physical and mental states were affected. I gained close to 200lbs in water weight and I would regularly pass-out during the day from lack of sleep.I've been unable to leave the house for more than a year and because of my reduced oxygen blood-gas levels due to the sleep apnea and pulmonary edema caused by the edema I've been spiraling down to 10% lung capacity. That's when I checked myself into the hospital and things began to turn around.I lost 40lbs of water the first few days and am still loosing water on the medications I'm on.I began noticing all the things I thought I'd done, but hadn't and I've become much more alert and have not passed out since my 5-day hospital stay.During the last year, I believed that I was making progress and that I'd soon be finished with all my projects but that was just happening in my head only, a dissociation problem caused again by the lack of oxygen. I'm now on oxygen most of the time and I'm preparing to enter a sleep study to determine which c-pap machine will best help my sleep apnea. I'm on a low-sodium cardiac diet and I'm both sleeping better and more already. I've also started a regular exercise program and am making time each day too exercise.In addition to this I've placed employment advertisements online looking for new employees to help speed up our production of your pledges. I've got several great candidates already.

So now what?

I'm  winding back up to human normal again and with that production and shipping of your pledges will follow. I'm going to hire 1-2 employees to help with this and I'm looking to have all kickstarters caught up by the end of this year 2019. This includes all wood and metal dice campaigns, and the single open plastic dice campaign.Right now, and for the rest of March I'm re-visiting all our open campaigns and am recalculating pledges, numbers and timing. When I'm done I'll post a rough schedule for each with all looking to be complete this year.I took me years to wind this far down, its going to take me some time to wind up again and I have to be careful not to go to fast. I appreciate everyone who's stuck with me during this rough time and I want everyone to know that you're not forgotten, I'm not ignoring you, and I'm working hard to resolve the issues that have stretched out this pledge delivery period so far.


If you've sent mail that has not been replied to, don't fret. I've likely seen it but have not been able to get back and reply. Regardless if its been some time, please contact me again. I'm fielding hundreds of e-mails per week, things do get lost with me. hal@zucaticorp.com 


ZucatiCorp is not a hobby business and it's actively paying my bills and day to day expenses along with keeping the shop open and paying salary's (soon). This means that refunds have to come last on the list or I  can't keep the lights on for myself or the business some weeks if I were to refund everything all at once.  I do regular refunds every 2 weeks,  sometimes a bit longer when I've got the money for it. I do fairly regularly but not all the time and not on demand.

Want to pitch in and help directly?

I'm putting this last as its the least important thing I want to talk about, but can still seriously affect how fast we're able to move on all fronts. If you want to help ZucatiCorp out of the time and money hole we're in you can become our patron and donate any amount per month to us directly. We use Patreon.com.https://www.patreon.com/zucaticorpThere's a couple levels of support that may or may not fit your budget, but the more support we get the faster we can go and the more products we can release. I've got a big backlog of new products waiting to introduce after all current pledges are taken care of.

Thank You!

Whether you've stayed, been refunded, or whatever, thanks for your interest, support and time you spent with us on this journey. We're on the mend an will be doing better and better moving forward. - Hal ZucatiZucatiCorp 2019 

Another screen out the door.
11 months ago – Mon, Jan 07, 2019 at 01:10:22 AM

Pine, Cliffs, Keep, Leather, the works.

Shipping Monday.

Packed and ready to travel. 5 panels and a keep.
Packed and ready to travel. 5 panels and a keep.
Hand-cut and assembled leather straps.  Custom logo snaps.
Hand-cut and assembled leather straps. Custom logo snaps.
Ready to deploy
Ready to deploy
All five panels, flume and whiteboard insert. Everything shown here packs away inside screen for transport. Home phone on top of keep is not included.
All five panels, flume and whiteboard insert. Everything shown here packs away inside screen for transport. Home phone on top of keep is not included.
Detail on requested Tree of Life Engraving on Character and map panels.
Detail on requested Tree of Life Engraving on Character and map panels.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

I'll be doing a couple more of these back to back in the next few days, so stay tuned.

 - Hal

about 1 year ago – Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 11:32:40 PM

Man o man is it all about the magnets.

Installation and finishing is what I'm up to the next few days.

Then onto finishing and shipping out some more screens... 

 - Hal

No changes...
over 1 year ago – Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 09:35:59 AM

Nothing new to report.

  - Hal

24 of 42 machined
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jul 06, 2018 at 02:10:15 AM

Leaving 18 or so (depending on failure) to machine.

 Pile of screens yet to be side-drilled 

 Were sending out another screen later today and continuing to assemble and ship.

Just ordered another 5000 magnets along with more acrylic, leather and balls.

Thanks everyone!

 - Hal